AromatherapyAromatherapy, in simple terms, is a therapy using the ‘aromas’ (essential oils) of the plants, and not the use of the plants themselves, to help any number of ailments and induce certain moods.

Aromatherapy to Match your Mood

Aromatherapy is a personalised massage experience, using only the finest essential oils, blends should never be pre-prepared; instead from feedback during your consultation your therapist will create a combination to match your mood, ailments and tastes meaning that each massage is entirely unique to you.

Essential oils are an entirely natural product extracted from herbs, flowers, roots, grasses and trees and their use is widely regarded as not only the oldest healing art known to man but also one of the most gently beneficial.  Whilst they are entirely natural it is advisable to seek professional advice as properly used they are very safe indeed, but some oils present hazards that anyone using them should be aware of.

Whilst aromatherapy helps to boost general health and promote wellbeing the benefits may also be felt in many other areas including sinus related problems, back, shoulder and neck tension, stress headaches, sleep problems and muscular atrophy.

In addition aromatherapy is proven to aid digestion, maximise the function of internal organs and the correct treatments can also act as a gentle yet effective de-tox programme helping with kidney function and the general lymphatic system.

Essential oils are readily absorbed through the skin and whenever they are used in massage a certain amount of the essence is inhaled.  The aroma alone can have a subtle but real effect on the mind and via the mind on the body.  Inhaling the oil also has a direct effect on the body as some part of the oil will be absorbed via the lungs and will enter the bloodstream in that way.

Aromatherapy is a truly holistic treatment; specifically chosen essential oils mixed to create a synergistic blend to balance your mind, body and spirit.


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