Chi Nei Tsang

CHI NEI TSANG – Introduced to the west by Mantak Chia, is a method of releasing toxic winds which can be either the cause or effect of sickness. The wind is the vital energetic source of life which
can be  pure or toxic, and circulates through the vital organs. If the wind is blocked by physical shock and or emotional trauma the body organs react to protect the heart, centre for the
emotions, from stopping.

One of the five  protecting sets of organs may become blocked, knotted, tangled or lumped up. However, the mind rationalises and becomes clear, even forgetting the physical or emotional
trauma.  Meanwhile the body organs, maybe the kidneys, causing back pain, although a person may think it’s just backache. The condition, manifests as slithering fear and goes deeper into the
organ, wind becomes trapped and toxic. Circulation and nerves are twisted and suppressed. This toxic effect passes along the fascia, which like a web connects all parts, even the cells, and other
body organs causing the same reaction like ripples after a stone penetrates water’s surface, the result manifests as stagnation, vulnerability to conditions and eventually disease or tumors. This
kind of  stress will eventually overflow into the abdomen.

Being open is being able to receive. Chi Nei Tsang works on the abdomen to release the blocked wind. Try pushing a straight finger into your navel. When you can touch your spine you are clear of
blockages.  Let blocked wind escape through the marshes represented by the nose, ears, eyes, mouth, urethra, vagina, anus, back of the knees, front of the elbows, palm and soles.

The energy Chi is free! Take new energy in through the Mountains, the pointed bones i.e. tips of the fingers and toes  elbows, knees and coccyx.

A practitioner disperses or directs wind through marshes or mountains, often supplementing with meridians and points. A session includes thumb, palm, elbow and finger pressure, also massage. Body
organs and lymphatic system are flushed and detoxed.

The navel being the last connection to our mother, the tradition is that all conditions manifest around the navel. So attention is placed on the eight directions around the navel initially. Then
followed by the arterial aorta which feeds even the tiniest of cells and distal circulatory points.

It is counter productive to overdo detoxification in one session. The body may not be able to cope and a healing crisis could arise. During sessions the receiver becomes a student helping
themselves between sessions.

To conclude; during a number of sessions the receiver will be introduced to the internal smile, the six healing body organ sounds which help cool and detoxify. Microcosmic orbit breathing – the
body organs are the essence of the stellar and planetary energies. They are the connection points between microcosm and macrocosm. Not forgetting gravity.

It is advisable if you are interested in Chi Nei Tsang to practise Chi gung, Tai Chi or an equivalent body exercise one can meditate within, and take a course or lessons from a qualified instructor
or practitioner for guidance.  Just to make things simple there are different approaches to Chi Nei Tsang, probably one of the foundation stones collectively called Chinese Traditional
Medicine, before China existed. I’m sure there will be more books to read. Like the Mongolian Yellow pages telephone directory, so stay happy and remember to smile.

by Ian Ayre

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