Colonic Hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy Your visit to a registered colonic hydrotherapy clinic will involve the taking of your case history followed by an explanation of the procedure. The colonic itself will take 30-45 minutes during which time water will be gently introduced into the colon via the rectum whilst your therapist uses special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. Your modesty is preserved at all times. Herbal and probiotic implants may be used and your practitioner may advise beneficial dietary changes to further enhance your treatment. No fasting or special measures are necessary prior to a first treatment but colon cleansing programmes may be advised between sessions.

Colonic Hydrotherapy – How many treatments?

This depends upon the individual case and advice will be given at the first consultation at the colonic hydrotherapty clinic. This may vary from only one treatment to a number spread out over a period of time, after which preventative or maintenance treatment may be continued. There are two main types of treatment available that being ‘Open System’ or ‘Closed System’ colonics. The more recent open system is seen as safer (than closed) more effective and a more gentle process. The ‘LIBBE’ Open system is recognised as the preferred colon hydrotherapy process. Also consider what diameter tube you are comfortable with being inserted in to your rectum. Open Colonics utilise a pencil thin tube around 25mm>40mm that the patient inserts themselves. Closed Colonics require the insertion (By the Therapist) of a large speculum that measures around 25mm in diameter and is inserted by around 120mm. Priuor to booking you need to ask what procedure you would be more comfortable with.

Are the procedures safe?

Yes. The water is introduced at a low gravitational pressure, so there is no danger of bowel perforation. All equipment is either disposable or disinfected using hospital approved disinfecting solutions, which kill all viruses, bacteria and fungi. Colonic hydrotherapy, unlike the use of laxatives, is not habit forming and actually improves the tone of the colon. However, there is a possibility that bacteria could enter the bloodstream when using these devices. If you have any pre-existing conditions such as blood clots or anemia, then this may pose some problems. The risk of bacteria entering the blood is low, but it is something to be aware of. Always consult your doctor.

The Colon Hydrotherapist

You may visit a Registered Colon Hydrotherapist with confidence. To be registered, a therapist must either have been trained and experienced in orthodox medicine (e.g. doctor, dentist or nurse), or have satisfactory training in anatomy and physiology and considerable training and experience in a body based therapy. Subsequently they will have been trained at one of the approved (and inspected) Colonic Hydrotherapy training colleges. The premises of therapists are inspected prior to their admission to the Register and these are periodically re-inspected.

Provided by The Association & Register Of Colon Hydrotherapists
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