Daoyin Tao

Daoyin TaoDaoyin Tao (Pronounced DOW YIN TOW) – as in town, this exciting complementary therapy reflects the Oriental and Western philosophies toward health, healing and well-being which form the basis of this therapy. “Doayin Tao is a powerful synergy of softened and adapted Chinese and stylised Western massage techniques, harmoniously blended to create a widely applicable therapy..” Daoyin Tao has been used to great effect with cancer patients.

Daoyin Tao purges Stagnant Energy

Many common ailments we ‘live with’ are ideally suited to the deep healing potential of this complementary therapy. Daoyin Tao releases trapped and stagnant energy, thus allowing the body to begin the process of healing itself from within, often at the deepest levels. The original skills which underpin Daoyin Tao are still practices today in clinics and hospitals throughout China; however, for Daoyin Tao they have been adapted to suit the Western preference for a more gentle, flowing massage. By using a holistic approach, the aim is to identify how best Daoyin Tao can assist you towards better balanced health and well-being. The focus is on treating the person rather than a specific ailment.

An initial private and confidential consultation will help the practitioner to design an individual treatment for you. To receive a treatment you will lie on your back with head supported and covered with a towel head supported (jewellery and hair ornaments removed) . Contact will be to shoulders, neck, face, scalp and ears . Treatment lasts around half an hour with a few minutes rest time after. Daoyin Tao works  by slow gentle, flowing techniques combined with specific work on a variety of carefully selected points on the face, neck and shoulders producing an amazingly  effective synergy. It meets the individual at their point of need.

Some would call it an energy healing therapy, equally right, alongside those who witness the positive changes in physical conditions and symptoms. Ultimately Daoyin Tao is a totally holistic therapy. Daoyin Tao is a series of exercises that cultivate and strengthen the qi (chi) in the body. Its name derives from daoyin, “to lead or guide” and Taoism, which means “the way of life and teachings that are centered on achieving communion with the divine”. The benefits of Daoyin Tao have shown to  be rebalancing body rhythms, reduce stress, decongest and detoxify, alleviate pain, reduce stiffness and muscle tension, positively influence secondary conditions elsewhere in the body, provide support to all levels of holistic healing and providing lasting benefit.

Some practitioners primarily focus on the vacuuming or clearing away of qi, while some focus on the opening up and movement of qi. As the practice relies on traditional Chinese Medicine it embraces Yin and Yang. Also covers Five Elements (Water, Fire, Wood, Metal and Earth) a Chinese philosophy describing relationships and interactions between things. The belief is that these five elements are fundamental to all interactions that occur within the universe. From the perspective of health this ‘Face Reading’ puts forward a lot of information enabling the emotional elements that lie behind disease to be explored. As examples the Chinese will say grief is held within the Lung, anger within the liver, and fear within the kidney.

Massages are typically for half an hour with no need for the removal of clothes so any concerns over body image can be dispelled. This also makes Daoyin Tao extremely convenient and adaptable to a number of scenarios. The massage therapy can be administered in a day unit, a hospital ward, a clinic and an intensive care unit if required.

There are very few contra indications of which and has a great deal of healing potential, whether you seek deep relaxation or assistance with the management of particular health concerns.


Recent dental treatment if full healing has not occurred.
Recent travel injections within 48 hours.
Recent surgery to any contact area including Botox, face lift or augmentation to face region.
Skin infections or corrupted skin ie skin cancer, impetigo definite no. others may be worked around or acted upon accordingly.
Active migraine or severe headache.
Acute illness, high temperature or fever.
Undiagnosed conditions.
Brain Tumour.

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