Energy Healing

Energy HealingEnergy healing is a very broad term; there are many different kinds of treatment or therapy where the practitioner uses “Energy” to encourage accelerated healing in their client. The energy is known all around the world and has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures, it’s known as Chi, Ki or Qi in the Far East, Prana and Mana in India and Hawaii and in the Mid and South America’s there is the Cahun a group of four Zii’s. Here in the west it’s known as The Life Force or Vital Force, it’s one of the great Cosmic Forces and without it life would be missing from the cosmos.

Energy Healing Comes From Within

The life force energy is tangible it can be amplified and channelled and has an affinity with oxygen, “With Breath” is a term often used in association with the life force energy. Energy Healing is a simple and basic human ability, when we hurt ourselves we automatically put our hands over the hurt and breathe more deeply, if we knew why, we could be more effective in reducing our own pain and of cause when helping others too. The life force is a kind of background electricity, a vibrational energy, so it can be increased in frequency and when amplified and held with focused intent a lower vibrational energy of a similar frequency will be inclined to rise in harmony to try and match the higher vibrational energy.

In this way the Energy Healing practitioner calls in extra life force energy, amplifies it and holds it in their hearts and hands, in their hearts for transmitting with Distance Healing and in their hands for Touch Healing. Any practitioner can use this “Energy” in conjunction with any therapy and show improved results.

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by Laurence Moore

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