Iridology is a science that analyses the health status of the body by examining the iris’s of both eyes using a magnified lens.  The procedure is non-invasive, safe, reliable and painless.   Many health problems can be identified with Iridology before they actually manifest as symptoms in the body.

Over many years iridologists have been mapping the body and designing charts to represent this body map in the iris.

An examination of each Iris will show all inherent weaknesses, overall conditions of the body tissues, and the degree of toxicity of organs and glands.

Many illnesses are the result of an organ imbalance – for instance, headaches can be the result of liver dysfunction.  Iridology can reveal this information without the uncomfortable and invasive diagnostic tests, which many people are subjected to.

Iridology may be used in conjunction with other therapies such as a Nutritional consultation where it becomes an invaluable aid to determining any imbalance within the body.

Nerve impulses from the whole body travel to the brain via the spinal cord and then to the iris, which can be likened to a computer monitor displaying the imprints of various frequencies. An estimated 500,000 nerves connect the iris with the brain.

Much research is being done around the world to verify the findings of Iridologists as this science is still developing today.

Iridology is widely practised in Germany and Russia and many doctors and other health professionals use it alongside their own disciplines providing a higher level of patient care.

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