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Life CoachingLife Coaching guides you in clarifying your dreams and desires, identifying your real talents and in applying your unique qualities in pursuit of your goals and life purpose.

These days, life is more full and fast-paced than ever before. While there are numerous opportunities and choices available to us, many of us feel overwhelmed and find life just too hectic.

A sense of emptiness, lack of direction, confusion and joylessness permeates many lives and the coaching profession has arisen in response to this anomie of the 21st Century.

You were born into the world whole, with unique gifts. Over the years many of your talents and beautiful qualities became covered over or lost. Your once vivid dreams became hazy, distant and finally, forgotten.

But, what if procrastination doesn’t mean you are either lazy or a perfectionist? What if there’s a reason for your stress or confusion? What if your relationship problems are really about lost dreams? What if all the problems you face were simply messages to point you in the right direction?

You may find this a little far fetched, but your natural state is to live life full of energy, enthusiasm and joy! What’s unbelieveable is that a lack of these qualities has been accepted as normal. You’ve been programmed into living a limited life, so that when you come across people living with abundant joy you might judge them as odd or naive.

Life’s hiccups (stress, relationship issues, anxiety, procrastination etc.) are guiding lights. Understand their messages and find yourself. A Life Coach provides support, through powerful questions, intense listening, challenging you to face your blind spots and through holding you accountable.

Coaching is positive, focusing on identifying your strengths and gifts, and is oriented towards the future. You glance backwards only for understanding to help you move forward  into your desired future.

Life coaching occurs in person, by phone, through email or some combination of these three. You will typically have weekly or fortnightly contact with your Life Coach, often with an initial three month commitment, although this varies from one coach to another.

by Karen Scott

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