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Scenar TherapyS.C.E.N.A.R (Scenar Therapy) has become the generic terminology for all devices of its kind. There are 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation SCENAR’s developed by Alexander Karasev: TENS, SCENAR and COSMODIC.

The most recent development and invention from Alexander Karasev is Cosmodic. The name taken from the word Cosmos: meaning all encompassing! Cosmodic is the third generation SCENAR.

Scenar Therapy in tune with the brain

In Scenar Therapy the previous generation devices were sometimes described as ‘likened to electronic homeopathy’. This is because they, similar to disciplines of homeopathy, increased the nature of the symptoms to highlight them to the brains attention, for dealing with, in other words, treating like with like! The Cosmodic technology works in a very different way, creating healing adaptations for the body so that the brain will then know what it has to do to, using the body’s own healing processes to initiate and stimulate recovery.
In essence the device is a small hand held unit that is fully automated. Once placed on the skin, using an electronic bio-feedback the device converses with the brain which then responds, the 2-way conversation will lead to changes that occur and normalize function to the previously imbalanced area.

In other words Scenar treatment is not for a specific condition, but the body is conversed with as a whole and the brain/body prioritorises each condition in order of importance and then commences to fix each and every condition in its own order of importance and function. It is merely that say for example musculo-skeletal conditions are faster to heal than say, neurological as those cells of the neurological system are more complex and take longer to regenerate by the body than skin or hair tissue etc etc

So, you could say that stroke victims, sports injury’s sprains, fractures and so on are more easily able to be helped quickly but there really is nothing that I have seen so far that does not respond at all, it is simply a matter the time needed for the result to be apparent to the individual.

There is always a temporary fixing when function is normalised to the specific area, however this can be short lived, but not always. This is because Scenar treatment is almost 2-fold in that sense, as: The brain having corrected the imbalance will oversee the body working in a corrected manner, which obviously, due to the body’s time of repair and new cell growth may take some time. But in the meantime each administering of the device a relief from symptoms can occur due to the ability of the stimulation of normalised function to the area, which is produced simultaneously.

by Vivienne Constad

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