Sekhem Egyptian Healing

Sekhem Egyptian HealingSekhem Egyptian Healing can also be referred to by other guises and terminology i.e.Egyptian Alchemy healing system (There are a number of different system that fall within the category of ‘Seikhem’, including Reyad Sekh Em®, Tera Mai™ Seichem, SKHM, and Sikkim. The following description relates specifically to ‘Reyad Sekh Em®’.)

Sekhem Egyptian Healing – Reyad Sekh Em®

Reyad Sekh Em is an ultra high vibrational Egyptian energy healing system; a unique combination of the elemental healing rays (of earth, fire, water, air and spirit) and ancient Egyptian philosophies with the use of colour breathing, sound vibration, crystalline and angelic healing energies. Sekhem Egyptian Healing is channelled through the hands, in a similar manner to Reiki, to help realign, release and shift the blocked / stagnant layers of energy around the body.

We live in a multi-dimensional reality and many of us, consciously or unconsciously, shift in and out of various dimensions all the time.  These other dimensions co-exist in the same physical ‘space’ as ours.  The separation between these different dimensions is quite simply vibration; with each dimension operating and existing at a different vibratory rate.  Energy healing systems such as Reiki and Reyad Sekh Em allow access to these higher dimensions so that the healing recipient can be spiritually boosted and nurtured towards a healthier balance and vitality.  More experienced healers can access even higher dimensions.

Reya Sekh Em evolved from Tera Mai™ Reiki and Seichem, a system originally devised by Kathleen Milner.  The spelling of Seichem, Sekh Em, SKHM is purely arbitrary, the Sekh Em spelling best indicating the way this healing art should be pronounced.  Sekh Em is listed in Middle Egyptian dictionaries as ‘make complete’ or ‘power’.  Se Khem – another alternative spelling – would mean ‘born of Khemit’.  The Ancient Egyptians called their land Khemit (viewing themselves as Khemitians), so this means ‘born in Egypt’.

The Khemitians believed that we all have the capacity for 360 senses, rather than the five senses that we acknowledge.  These other senses are re-awakened by self-empowerment activities including positive intent, meditation, healing energies, attunements and by pilgrimages to key sacred sites.  All of these activities raise our vibratory rate and therefore act as triggers for clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and much more that cannot be readily identified by current levels of understanding.  These senses can also be empowered by the elements.

The Egyptian five-pointed star represented the five elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.  Reyad means ‘Elemental’, like a little piece of Heaven – the source of the Cosmic Spirit – also known as Chi or Prana.  The 5 pointed star also represented the five stages of the sun during the day and the five stages of life: Dawn known as Kheper (the scarab), high noon known as Ra (the ram), the afternoon sun was Oon (the wise), full afternoon sun Aten (the wiser) and finally at dusk Amen (the hidden or veil).

Eight separate visits to Egypt, and various meetings with an indigenous tribal elder named Hakim, led to the development of Reyad Sekh Em as an authentic Egyptian approach.  This includes self-empowerment meditations, etheric crystals, colour breathing and sound healing vibrations and also embraces angelic philosophies.  The system also includes a very versatile ‘Negative Energy Drain’ where heavy dense energy can be released.  This technique, which is somewhat Shamanic in style, seems to help tackle anything from chronic aches and pains, to physical/mental/energetic disorders such as arthritis, ME, clinical depression or even fertility problems or serious cancers.  Children with learning difficulties such as autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD have also responded favourably.  However, diet and other factors must not be overlooked.

Reyad Sekh Em can be learned as a natural progression from Reiki, although others learn the system having never felt drawn to learn Reiki.  It’s an intensive programme best suited to those who can process a high volume of information in a short time. ‘Initiations’ are given into Reyad Sekh Em by placing the ancient sacred symbols (Kheper, Ra, Oon, Aten and Amen, one at each level) into the aura at specific chakra points, opening the body to the universal rays of Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Spirit.  These symbols manifest in a dimension normally outside our awareness causing a change in the energy field.  Our own vibrational state is then enhanced to bring awareness of other dimensions and accept the loving guidance of the beings within them.  Once this has happened, it is up to the individual to decide how and when they walk the path towards enlightenment.

by Joanna Bristow-Watkins
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