Theta Healing

Theta HealingTheta Healing, also known as Theta DNA Healing or the Orion Technique, is a simple, quick and effective healing technique that combines ancient spirituality and modern science and yet is extremely practical and pragmatic in its application.

Theta Healing is a meditative technique

It was developed by naturopath and medical intuitive and healer, Vianna Stibal, who created a model of what she instinctively did when healing herself and her clients and then refined and added to the model over a period of years to give us the technique we have today. The process involves the practitioner entering a Theta brainwave state, in which it is possible to connect to the Source energy (or the Quantum Field) and by the application of quantum physics to change in an instant thought patterns that might have been held for years or even generations and, by changing these thought patterns or beliefs, to manifest a different reality.

It is now becoming accepted that our thought patterns change our body chemistry and even our DNA and that negative thoughts and beliefs can create disease and emotional problems so, once negative
and unhelpful beliefs or thoughts are changed, the disease or problem they have created can no longer persist.

In a Theta healing session the aim is therefore to uncover the negative beliefs that have led to the current problem and to change them instantly, replacing them with positive and helpful ones that will nurture and support us.  Simple kinesiology testing is used to ascertain what beliefs the subconscious holds and then to verify that they have changed.

It is also possible to use the Theta technique to scan inside the body and to promote healing once the underpinning beliefs have been changed.

by Jenny Johnstone

Theta Healing Links: – Web page of the founder of Theta Healing, Vianna Stibal

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